1. Your parts will be in the hands of an experienced process management team

  3 experienced project supervisors

  Total of 47 years of management, project and supervision experience

  Technically university-educated

  24/7 process supervision

  Continually improving

2. Only experienced operators will work on your parts

  27 operators

  Total of 287 years of experience

  Most operators with advanced technical training and schooling

  Three daily shifts

  Proud to work on parts that help other people in their lives

3. HBC uses top of the range automated machining centres

Makino Mag1

Mazak Integrex i300

Mazak Integrex i400-1500


Mori Seiki NLX2500Y/1250

And more

4. We don´t just blindly perform machining, but also think and recommend

Thorough Understanding

We consider the understanding of your project the most important part of the whole manufacturing process: We ask. We ask again. And we ask again. From different angles. From different perspectives. What will the part be used for? How important are the specifications? How should we test the material? When should we re-chek your own calculations? Will there be any changes? Who is THE person to talk to on your side? When do you need it? How many units? How does it need to be packed? In what quantities do you want to have them packed? Etc.

Production Process With Feedback

Once we start working on your part, we don´t keep mum: We will let you know the process has begun. We will keep you informed of all major developments. We will even send you progress photos if you want. The aim is simple: Make sure that you have all the information and can thus relax, knowing that the wroking is being done and will be done on time.

Testing and Checking Quality

We promise "precision machining" and that means we measure, remeasure and the remeasure again. To find out if the piece is produced to your specifications. To make any adjustments. And to mark as "Passed QC" only those units that do truly pass the mark.

Packing and Delivering On Time

We understand that you need to have the machined unit at your factory or assembly plant on the day you asked us to deliver it. Not earlier. Not later. But on the day. Perhaps even at THAT time. We pack the units so that they arrive in the same pristine condition they left the machining centre. And we use - in agreement with you - the logistics and delivery people that we both know will get it to you at the precise time you need it.


Free consultation of your machining requirements

Call us or send your designs. And we will happily discuss the process of making your part... on time.