9 reasons why manufacturers ask HBC steel to do their precise & guaranteed machining...


If you are looking for a machining company that will help you out with your machining, the specialists at HBC have shown they can deliver: Making parts for the Airbus, Bombardier and Aero  aeroplanes. Delivering machined units to Volkswagen. Supplying Benteler, Polaris and many others.

Can HBC steel help you? Have a look...

1. Machined products from HBC steel are used by...



Aero Vodochody




John Crane

2. HBC can machine workpieces up to 1500 x 1500 mm on advanced 5-axis centres


Using our Makino MAG1, Mori Seiki, Hermle and Mazak machining centres, we can guarantee rapid precision-contouring capability while maximizing the percentage of in the cut spindle time. The MAG1 centre is  ideally suited for high-productivity machining of aluminum monolithic aerospace parts under 1500mm. And in combination with the other smaller centres, we can machine just about any workpiece...

Makino MAG1

Mazak Integrex

And more...

3. HBC is not afraid of challenging parts


If you are looking for precise CNC turning and milling of even the most difficult pieces, HBC steel operators have experience with them all. In addtion, we will (ourselves or with our partners) perform non-destructive tests, heating treatment of your parts, marking of your units with any markings you require, treat the surface the way you want... give us the task and we will always say: "Sure, we will get it done."

Have others told you "Sorry, it´s too difficult"? You won´t hear that from HBC...

4.  We can machine just about any material


Do you have special material requirements? No problem. We have worked with and produced parts from steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium metal, aluminium alloys, plastics and other unique materials (Hastelloy, Monel, etc.) .

5.  Problem-free & fast logistics in the European Union


Since we are based in the European Union (Czech Republic), all transportation and administrative steps are easy & simple:

We work will all the major (and minor) logistics companies (DHL, TNT, DB Schenker, UPS etc.). Can prepare your parts for Just in time delivery. And can also store them for you in our own warehouse if necessary.

And since we have experience with the paperwork and customs requirements for non-EU countries too, we can deliver the finished product to anywhere you wish.

6.  Machining with the appropriate certificates for European Union (and the world)


We supply parts for various aerospace and car manufacturers and our production is certified according to the standards ISO 9001: 2016 and ISO 14001:2016. And since we supply to the aerospace industry, we fulfill the requirements for an aeroplane parts supplier too.

7.  We are accustomed to getting only the drawings and arranging everything else


All you have to do is to send ut the drawings or 3D model. We will then create the strategy of machining, devise a system of fixation, create the appropriate tools and programme the CNC centre ourselves from start to finish.

And to save you money, for each workpiece, we are looking for a way to fixate it, programme the machining and make it to get the result fast, but with minimal waste or risk of defects. Many times, we've recommended our clients a different and new production path to save them money.

8. You will get the product appropriately packed and delivered... on time


If necessary, we will deliver your parts in bulk boxes. Or carefully individually packaged. Or in any other way you desire. To transport it a few hundred kilometers to your logistics or manufacturing plant. Or even to the other side of the world. (We have sent products even to Australia.)

9. You can start with an individual piece or a small batch and order more only if satisfied


Call us or write. Describe what you need to have made. What documentation you have. And we will come up with a way to make the part for you... fulfilling all the requirements you set.

Free consultation of your machining requirements

Call us or send your designs. And we will happily discuss the process of making your part... on time.

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You will find HBC steel machined parts in...

L-39NG trainer Aircraft
Bombardier C Series (A220)
Embraer KC-390

Polaris Quad Bikes

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Pavel Hemžský, CEO


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