Machining: Cutting conditions

Relative motion is required between the tool and work to perform a machining operation. The primary motion is accomplished at a certain cutting speed. In addition, the tool must be moved laterally across the work. This is a much slower motion, called the feed. The remaining dimension of the cut is the penetration of the cutting tool below the original work surface, called the depth of cut. Collectively, speed, feed, and depth of cut are called the cutting conditions. They form the three dimensions of the machining process, and for certain operations, their product can be used to obtain the material removal rate for the process:


  •  – the material removal rate in mm3/s, (in3/s),
  •  – the cutting speed in mm/s, (in/min),
  •  – the feed in mm, (in),
  •  – the depth of cut in mm, (in).
Note: All units must be converted to the corresponding decimal (or USCU) units.

Source: Wikipedia